Anul V, Nr. 1-2 / 2012 - Cuprins

Revista - Studii şi cercetări de onomastică şi lexicologie(SCOL- Anul V, Nr. 1-2 / 2012



Teodor BALKANSKI, About Grouponymy, p.9
Laimute BALODE, Place Names in the Urbanonymy of Riga – Mark of Identity, p.17
Ana-Maria BOTNARU, On the Romanian Term Codru, p.29
Maria DOBRE, The Story of Toponyms. Where and How Did Our Ancestors Live, p.35
Anatol EREMIA, Romanian onomastics regulated and protected in the Republic of Moldova, p. 41
Adelina MIHALI TATAR, Brief Historical Survey upon the Researches Made in Romanian Toponymyp.50
Ion POPESCU-SIRETEANU, On the Toponym Comarnicp.61
Ludwig SELIMSKI, Surnames in South Bulgaria Coming from Wallachian Names of Occupations, p.78
Kiril TSANKOV, Contacts Between Bulgarians and Romanians through Oponymy, p. 86

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Roxana Gabriela ALBASTROIU, Concepts of code and codifying, p. 93
Sevastian CERCEL, Lavinia DUMITRESCU, Terms and Symbols in the Juridical Domain. Some Facts Concerning the Figures-Type Identifying of the Individual Person, p.99
Mariana COANCA, Distinctive Prefixes for the E-Trading’s Terminology, p.109
Mirela COSTELEANU, Basic Characteristics of the Lexical Level of MateiuI Caragiale’s Prose and  Poetry, p.114
Diana DANISOR, Juridical Terms of Exclusive Juridical Pertaining: the Case of the Term “Synallagmatic”, p.120
Dana DINU, Prefix Derivation in Latin, p.125
Oana GHITA, Lavinia TOMA TUMBAR, The term jurisdiction. Terminology, senses,  significances, p.136
Manuela ISTRATOAIE, Comparative survey upon some concepts in the matter of sale – purchase. Former and actual regulations, p.146
Constantin MANEA, Dimensions of Figurative Expression in English Phraseology, p.152
Claudia PISOSCHI, Compounding in Early Modern English: Shakespeare’s Sonnets, p.171
Silvia PITIRICIU, Terminology of Penal Law: the Offence “Reflected” in Vocabulary and Semantics, p.189
Mariana PREDA, The Polysemy of Jurisdictional Terms, p.193
Cristina RADU-GOLEA, Elements of Logical Analysis Referring to Legal Terms, Phrases and Notions in Current Romanian, p.203
Laura SPARIOSU, The Lexeme Cap/Head in Romanian and Serbian Phraseological Expressions, p.207
Simona Nicoleta STAICU, Aspects of Terms’ Antonymy within Medical Vocabulary, p. 215
Cristian STANCIU, Concepts’ Evolutions in the Terminology Used by the Domain of Financial Markets, p.221
Cristina STANCIU, Roberta TAPU, The Distinctive Peculiarity of Terms and Notions in the Matter of Maritime Transportation, p. 241
Madalina STRECHIE, Terms of Juridical Value in Latin, p. 255
Ana Maria TERECHE, Semantic Archaisms in the Romanian Religious Language, p. 262
Dragos Vlad TOPALA, Linguistic Calk-like Loans in the E.U.’s Legislative Terminology, p.272

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Young Researchers’ Contributions

Mirela BADOI, Livresque Lexemes in Romanian (the Adjective), p.278
Madalina NEDELEA, Names of Romanian Folk Dances, p. 284
Raluca TRIFU, Romanian composed toponyms (structure), p.289
Loredana TANCU, Maritime Terminology Approached in its Etymological and Semantic Imensions, p.293

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Reviews and Book Presentations

Marius Sala, 101 cuvinte mostenite, împrumutate si create, Bucuresti, Editura Humanitas, 2010, 249 p.(Cristina Radu-Golea), p.300
Rodica Zafiu, 101 cuvinte argotice, Bucuresti, Editura Humanitas, 2010, 380 p. (Dragos Vlad Topala), p.303
Florica Bechet (coord.), Toponimia mitica europeana, Bucuresti, Editura Universitatii din Bucuresti, 2010, 261 p. (Dana Dinu), p. 305
Vasile Fratila, Toponimie si dialectologie, Cluj-Napoca, Editura Mega, 2011, 422 p. (Silvia Pitiriciu), p. 308
Catagrafiile Vistieriei Moldovei (1820-1845) I. Tinutul Romanului. Partea a 2-a Supliment Târgul Romanului (1831), Iasi, Editura StudIS, 2011, 103 p.; II. Tinutul Iasi, Partea 1 (1820), Iasi, Editura StudIS, 2011, 429 p.; III. Tinutul Cârligaturii, Partea 1 (1820), Iasi, Editura StudIS, 2011, 167 p., (Silvia Pitiriciu), p. 311
Dana Dinu, Lexicologia limbii latine, Craiova, Editura Universitaria, 2008, 224 p. (Madalina Strechie), p.314

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International Council of Onomastics Sciences (ICOS), September, 05 – 09, 2011, Barcelona, p.318
9th International Conference Language and Literature Identity Reference Points in a European Context, Pitesti, June, 17th – 19th, 2011, p.319
1st International Conference on Onomastics Name and Naming, Multiethnical Interference in Anthroponomy, Baia Mare, September, 19th – 21st, 2011, p.320

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Review General Information, p.321